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Product Description

Melvin Our mini mouse, Melvin, is a gourmand and a cheese monger with a mighty appetite.

With a sniff of nose and a whiff from the wave of a hand Melvin can identify any cheese made by man. Whether the milk is of origin from buffalo, cow, goat or yak Melvin can distinguish which from which and that from that. He is referred to as a fromager to some, especially those partial to Chevre. A monger to many, he does peddle his wares. A taster, a tester, the ultimate cheese maker, Melvin can be called an affineur if you can say it, and please do so with care. Never one to simply say “Please pass the cheese”. You will only here our Melvin asking for the likes of Boursin, Brin or for Brie. His nose will start twitching when ever coagulated milk is quite near. So lock your cupboards, your pantries, do not leave out a crumb. Our friend will find it and will dine until done! He travels quite often seeking the best out there is - whether Melvin is climbing a large wedge of Pyramide or scaling a Schloss, our Melvin’s mission is always to bring the best back. Travelling from the Danish, to the Finns, followed by the Swiss in all sizes, from babys to wheels Melvin is ready to nibble, to taste and to make the cheese deal. A Jack whether Monterey, Colby or Dry just cannot be passed by. A Havarti, a Bleu, an Edam or two, Bath, Beer, Derby, Longhorn or Basket, all make perfect snacks. A Marscarpone, a Jarlsberg, a Gouda, a Goat, Gorgonzola, Cottage and Curd, each find a new home. He offers opinions to all that are near, “The Camembert is just right, I got it last night and the Limburger is divine. We have not had this in quite a long time!” He shares best he can, our mouse of a friend. In fact look what he’s got, he wrapped it for you while fresh, a large nibble of this holiday’s best. “Here”, he politely offers, “please take a taste, go on test!”

Item Details •Mouth Blown, Hand Painted and Glittered in Poland. •Sterling Silver Lined Molded GlassSnowman Ornament

•5.5" Tall